Groundhog Days

I had a day of pretty focussed appeal writing yesterday, punctuated with the usual variety of phone queries. The former are following a standard pattern at present;

Annoyed client
Amend, make more conciliatory (yes me)
Agree final Draft
Agree we are being reasonable
Post to LSC
Await rejection (which can take a very long time)
Start again from the top.

Occasionally there are weekends

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2 comments on “Groundhog Days

  • Weekends! ha what are those.
    Have you seen this? (pdf file)

  • Did say occasionally – though things are considerably more relaxed than at the time of the 15 year old anniversary we will shortly be celebrating.
    Ta for the PDF will do a post on Monday on that (how did that fall into you hands) – off to do webinar now.

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