Already Made up her Mind 

We got as close as having a fistful of tickets and only a couple of days to go before Lyle Lovett cancelled his “Large Band” gig at Newcastle City Hall. Not rescheduled, we just got our money back. Some years later he is back in the UK, this time with his acoustic band – we […]

History Channel 

Have been meaning to try this for ages, just did on a whim. This is the 1937th post on this site. Have a look at what happened in July 1937.

Webinar set to Stun 

I was having “writers block” over today’s webinar. Standard fee profitability is tough enough (in an hour) but play this against a backdrop of a 10% cut in income in October and it gets much worse. Anyhow I had a shave – beard gone, block gone. Though I say it myself there are some important […]