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I have in front of me a set of Duty Solicitor attendance notes which have been subject to assessment by both the LSC AND the NAO. They are about as well recorded, on our standard form*, as any I have ever seen. They have, unsurprisingly, NOT been subject to any cost reduction. There is of course a strong argument that they never should be, as payment is for a period of attendance, determined by the needs of the Court, payable regardless of how many clients are represented.
The firm are now however instructed to comply with UCC Rule B 2.1.3 (4) (b) on “all future claims”. For those without instant recall of Contract this requires the recording of the time of attendance in addition to the date. You have been warned.
In the context of the post below the question this raises – is this degree of micro auditing of the scheme at all necessary? Perhaps those involved in this, for the last 5 months, might have been better deployed on operational tasks.
Those of my age might well remember a truly terrible summer holiday programme called “Why don’t you (switch off your television set an go do something a little less boring instead)”. Can’t think why it came to mind.
*This is available from the “Resources” section of the side-bar.

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