News Just In 

The LSC website has just confirmed the following regarding Lexcel accreditation and the Family Procurement Round. Quality Standard timescales We confirm that we will allow Applicants 6 months to achieve Lexcel in accordance with the timescales for achieving the Specialist Quality Mark. Whichever quality standard an organisation uses, where it does not currently hold it, […]

Journey to the Centre of the E-Portal 

Tuesday 6th and Friday 9th September The Family Procurement round opens Monday morning next, the 5th September. It appears that the Bravo Solutions e-portal and the related documentation might not be published before then. These will be a practical sessions demonstrating how the portal operates, how to download key information, how to complete the PQQ […]

Human Error 

Have I done the “appeal going to an ICA over one contested letter @ £4.10” type of story to death? Will the LSC save £4.10 by spending £18 this time? If previous results are anything to go by, probably not. In an assessment containing a major “mistake” on their part the justification for their dogged […]

On A Lighter Note 

A few weeks ago a mate said to me – “I bet you will never guess what I saw today” By chance I had also seen something a little bizarre that day and replied “I bet I can”, and so it proved. We had both seen; A man on a on a mobility scooter with […]

Let’s Stay Together 

My favourite from the music at Swits funeral. The JRS contribution to his “good send off”.

Webi Records 

This morning a client asked what recorded webinars we have for sale and we sent him this list – as I type they have just bought a bunch; Appeals Review File Review – Getting it Right Crown Court Litigators Fees New Family Fee Scheme Justice Bill Profitable Standard Fees SQM Mandtory Requirement SQM or Lexcel […]

Family Bids 2011 – Whats on Offer from JRS 

It goes without saying that Procurement Rounds are a nightmare for you but a real commercial opportunity for us. That said we hope we get the pricing of our support services right and that we genuinely avoid becoming opportunistic. By way of an example we dealt with countless appeals against Family refusals last time round […]

Rock and a Hard Place 

Throughout the recent Financial Stewardship exercise the LSC have been adamant that you can’t have a LH Standard Fee if you grant an Emergency Certificate by devolved powers after the initial attendance. Today we have seen our first disallowal of such an initial attendance, on a Claim 1. The explanation was that the first attendance […]


Over holiday backlog. I am now into “planned” activity.

Don’t Forget 

Friday’s webinar is about the Family Procurement round (again) and subsequent to the small number of changes TLS and others have been able to chisel out of the LSC. Must for all Family suppliers, blah, blah, blah.