A Different Type of Tip 

If you bullishly tell someone to mistrust JRS advice, first be sure you have your facts right and can explain them with clarity.

Day 2 Tips 

Have the following info to hand before venturing down the portal; Your Information Commissioners Office reg number (you had to have one last time) Legal Aid a/c no(s) Date key fee earners started to work for the firm NB usernames and passwords are case sensitive AND include any gaps you leave. Make sure you record […]

Day 2 

…of the Procurement Round – Be careful with the TIF it is prone to “save” and “run time” errors – as happened live on the Webinar yesterday. Can explain this to anyone suffering the same problem. No Office Junior today as I am at Queensway, not Marton, and she is barred out. Procurement Laptop and […]