Family Procurement Round Week 3 Update

This is just going out via e-mail.

We are now halfway through the bidding window and you have a fortnight left to complete your Family bid – Don’t forget, 12 noon Monday 3rd October is the final deadline.
We have an internal deadline at JRS too – I go on holiday on Friday and so only have 4 more days to assist firms with bid completions should they wish me to. We are still able to check final submissions next week however if you wish for the “cradle to grave”, comprehensive option you need to arrange and appointment urgently.
The first version of the “Q & A” document is now published and we have summarised the key points here.
The only other issue we are seeing, with some frequency, is “wrongly” saved Tender Information Forms (TIF). Typically this means that the file does not look like an Excel file (with the standard green icon) nor will it open with a simple double click – though you can open it inside Excel. This is due, in my view, to the save macros in the form itself. These can be navigated around if you know how but a number of firms are not doing this. They end up therefore with some peculiar type of file which to all intents and purposes is not an Excel file.
We have had NO difficulty accessing the data in these files and assume that the LSC will do likewise. The Law Society is seeking clarification on this point. That said we strongly advise care here and making every attempt to save these in standard Excel format.

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