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Just in from our friends at Assessment North East;

The Lexcel Standard has historically been revised approximately every three years. Over the past 2 years the Lexcel Office has introduced us to version 4 in 2008, with its focus on risk management and then in 2009 the Standard was revised again so that it could be launched internationally. The Lexcel Office is currently reviewing the Standard again and it is due to be re-launched in October 2011. This time the revision will bring the Standard in line with the New Handbook and the introduction of Outcomes Focused Regulation (OFR).
If you are currently working towards Lexcel accreditation or would like a refresher on the Standard, this is the course for you. The course will afford you the opportunity to discuss any queries you may have with an experienced assessor.
Delivered by Robert Partridge – Lexcel Assessor & Consultant

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