Whats for Tea? 

We have covered the “amazing, disappearing, customer support lines” story before, however the comment on the Gazette story is worth a glance.

Webi and New Address (again) 

I have to say, modestly, that tomorrows Webinar – “How to Pass an SQM Audit” is one of my better efforts. I last presented it in March and it is now even more relevant – especially for Family bidders. Still time to join in or to order a recording for next week – if the […]

Other Lives 

Visualise the upstairs function room in a Middelsbrough WM Club which has seen better days. Limited choice at the bar, limited seating, low false ceiling with a tiny stage at one end. Holds a couple of hundred people. This one, the Westgarth (and the website doesn’t quite paint an accurate picture), is trying to invent […]

And Some Fell.. 

In a week in which the Friday Webinar will emphasise the importance of doing File Review I have just been asked – “What will the LSC do if we have stopped?”. To which the answer is unclear; individual auditors vary as does Regional Office practice however a Contract Notice is likely to be the minimum […]