UPOA and Limitation 

Here is the Court of Appeal decision on the LSCs appeal in the Henshaw case. Not good reading. Hat Tip @crimedaily via Twitter.

No Change 

We remain without Internet access and repeat our request for urgent communication by phone or fax. I will not express my current views on BT. This is brought to you by 3G technology.


Interwebs still cut off at JRS HQ. Anything urgent will have to be done using old types of technology.

Out of Time? 

I have just had my first phone call regarding the rejection of an LF1 for being “out-of-time”, 3-months in this case. Is this another new angle of attack from the LSC? There is a case under the old scheme (can’t remember the name and I am out of the office (might have been Judd?). I […]

Urgent Message 

We left BT Openworld sometime ago. So when we heard that they would somehow be involved in the transfer of our Internet supply to the new offices you can guess that we had some nerves. Surprisingly everything went pretty smoothly and the engineers who came out were fantastic. Today it has all gone completely moobs-up […]


I had a longish call yesterday re a CDS financial stewardship visit and Andy is dealing with another today. What I don’t get is why the LSC are involved in this level of micro (and I mean Micro) management of claims. They are, of course, finely targeted samples using all the old tricks – Higher […]

Broken Bones 

The Elbow gig in Barcelona last Sunday involved a last minute move to a larger venue. Even so it had a capacity of only about 600 (England) 1000 (Spain). (The last time we saw them it was the Ice Rink in Newcastle). It was utterly wonderful – except that yet again my “Gig T**T Magnet” […]

Due DIlligence II 

Further to this, the number of requests have multiplied. Most seem happy to visit so the issue of sending things off-site has not arisen to date. Concerns re data protection and confidentiality have however and firms seem, reasonably in my view, to be seeking clarification of the LSC procedures in this regard. You might just […]

Alert or Tweet 

I have just completed a failed-to-bid “appeal”. Had they been signed up to our FREE Alerts service (on the side bar) and/or followed us on Twitter this WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. If you have not done either PLEASE choose one or the other today. (The block capitals represent anger/frustration, not a decent into madness – […]

News @ 12:15 

Busy¬† news¬† day at the LSC. Sorry I just do not have time to post on each individually today, so do have a look – not sure it could in anyway be classed as “good”.