Story with a Moral 

Our post has just arrived. It is half past one. This reminds me of something we decided to blog about on Friday afternoon. Last week a number of firms booked the Webinar, using “snail mail” (normal post), later in the week. Fortunately Friday’s post arrived a bit earlier however it was still a rush getting […]

Monday Song 

Very rare event this one – you will have to guess our reasons why.

Pre-existing Knowledge 

This falls into a category which might be called “What every practitioner knows”. That said it is always nice when the anecdotal is confirmed by someone with impressive letters after their name. It is too much to expect anyone in Government to listen to this however. (Notice I say “It is” not “is it” and […]


The “Preparing for an SQM Audit” series is proving popular and this is the fourth session. January 13th – Session IV. Business Planning and Financial Management Throwing you hands in the air and pointing out the impossibility of this task, in the current environment, will not get that box ticked on the audit check list. […]