Proof of Means 

Is a major headache for all LA suppliers.The incident described at 3pm here is illustrative of the paranoia LSC assessment has created in this regard. (Not helped by CLA 55 I have to say). Yesterday I went to O2 to add an additional phone to the JRS contract – we have been with them […]


Take note, your new Family/Housing contracts are coming out on a drip feed basis, no need to panic just yet.

Who Ate All The Pies? 

We have a lovely and very convenient Bistro in our new office block. Earlier this week they asked, yes asked, if we would like a “Bangers n Mash” lunchtime special. You can guess the answer. I mentioned this to one of our web experts who now resides in Oz and bemoans the lack of British […]

Regrets, I’ve Had a Few… 

When I said this yesterday I did not think it would elicit an appeal, requiring a full weeks work, the following day. Must learn NOT to tempt fate.