Feel To Follow 

Heard the Maccabees talking on the Radio (you know which show by now). They played this and Pelican, I have bought the album and “borrowed” the first 2 – which I will also buy if I like them. I think that this is wonderful;


Frankly this is a bit outwith my experience but as it says “SRA” and “Deadline” I thought you should know – just in case you do not. What is says is; The deadline for activating mySRA accounts is Friday, 13 January. Your existing activation code will expire on this date. Instructions on how to obtain […]


It may well be that CDS contract compliance activity has started in earnest given we have two new examples this week. We are just about to have a look at a batch around which queries have been raised. In this case they have made another attempt to look, for a second time, at 8 specific […]