More (Very Good) News 

We frequently deal with Contract reconciliation issues – usually following an unheralded reduction in SMP. A constant gripe of firms so affected is; “why can’t they just pay us what we bill on a Monthly basis so that we can avoid all this rubbish” – (They do not usually say “rubbish”). Well now you can […]

News Bulletin 

There is a similar rash of CDS news here. Some are repetitions of the Civil issues but there are a couple of CDS specific items. I am not going to go into much detail as you are all on Crimeline and they do this thing so much better. UPDATE Missed these “Provider Reference Groups” in […]

Busy News Day 

Over at the LSC website there are a number of news stories. Some – that you have to submit a disbursement voucher for anything over £20, including for Court fees where there is no such thing, are a rehash of old news. Others – that the Reading office is moving will not be of much […]