Into the Void 

Just in from Dean; It would seem that the Family Contract for Signature, something I have not looked at in detail until now, is a PDF of a Word document which still contains the “Track Changes”. The client Dean is with suggests that this might make it void. Not being lawyers we do not know. […]


I came by this, as I often do nowadays, on the Radcliffe and Maconie afternoon show on 6 Music. I also discuss below the “non-coincidence” of it turning up at Caught by the River. I like it a lot, all the more because they are Scandinavian which proves the enduring international power of County music. […]

Caught by the River 

I tried to explain the appeal of this site to Mrs SP. Her response, “So it’s for blokes like you then”, does not do it justice and may be unnecessarily off-putting. That said the reason for this post is that they have chosen the Friday Song I intend to post above. This may well not […]

Update Your Records (or Contacts) 

We would like to welcome Mr Barnes to the world of smartphones. (What a struggle this was with O2 this week mind you). His new JRS number is 07725 206667. We do notice that he has the number of the beast in the middle of that, but believe this to be purely coincidental.

Marketing Push 

It is always nice to get some positive feedback as we did here. If you haven’t the time to read it the key phrase is; “depressingly dull yet very helpful webinar” In fact we feel that this could replace the “Key to Best Practice” tagline we have been using for years; “JRS Consultants – Depressingly […]