At Least a No Score Draw 

At first glance this looks like a reasonable resolution (no pun intended) to the failed family bid situation. Will provide greater detail as it becomes available.

Early Warning – Feb Webinars 

3rd February SQM 6: Appraisals and Managing People Appraisals are one of the toughest SQM mandatory requirements and one which can lead to real damage if not performed effectively. This is why we dedicate the lions share of this session to getting them right, using the JRS model Appraisals policy and procedure. We will also […]

Sits Vac 

I have used all my powers of persuasion to dissuade a friends son from a career in Legal Aid. He is however very committed to this and is not to be swayed. In a further act of foolishness has asked me to be a referee on his application for a Training Contract. Given all of […]

Go On, Go On, Go On 

We have been experimenting with Twitter for a few months now and are just beginning to get the hang of it. On balance there is some benefit and it can be a very direct method for getting urgent advice out there. We do, on the other hand, find ourselves (well me really) getting dragged into […]


I have just downloaded the CLAM (Criminal Legal Aid Manual). 262 pages of joy I am sure. You can do the same here.