Busy News Day

Over at the LSC website there are a number of news stories. Some – that you have to submit a disbursement voucher for anything over £20, including for Court fees where there is no such thing, are a rehash of old news.

Others – that the Reading office is moving will not be of much concern to most of our clients, however we do have readers in the Deep South.

Do note that you will not be able to submit things electronically between the 3rd and 6th Feb.

A fault has been repaired on the Online Financial statements system.

And finally, do ring Graham, out of Costs Drafting, if you are interested in the “Events Based VHCC Pilot”

And here is the weather.


Missed these “Provider Reference Groups” in the above. Interesting/ominous mention of Civil Tenders in 2012/13.

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