I came by this, as I often do nowadays, on the Radcliffe and Maconie afternoon show on 6 Music. I also discuss below the “non-coincidence” of it turning up at Caught by the River.

I like it a lot, all the more because they are Scandinavian which proves the enduring international power of County music. None of this is going to alter Mrs SPs prejudices.

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2 comments on “Emmylou

  • Bought one of their albums (The Big Black & The Blue), after following one of your Friday songs for the excellent Fleet Foxes onto you tube, seeing a link to their cover of the Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Peasant, following that and some of their other work. Love the way you tube allows you to do this, found EMA a while back.

  • EMA – New to me will have a listen – thanks

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