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We have been experimenting with Twitter for a few months now and are just beginning to get the hang of it. On balance there is some benefit and it can be a very direct method for getting urgent advice out there. We do, on the other hand, find ourselves (well me really) getting dragged into the general silliness a bit to often. (I would argue that this is broadly therapeutic and generally improves work output rather than being the waste of time some, Mrs SP in particular, suggest it is).

What is most interesting is that we get roughly 4,000 unique visitors to this site a month, when you take off the around 1,000 probable spambots. Solicitors who use Twitter and “follow” us are less than 100 of our 170 followers – which in turn is tiny compared to, say, the estimable Mr A Keogh of Crimeline, who have 2.5K followers. Now Andrew has more to say, more often and has been at it a bit longer. He also is more serious or less frivolous depending on how you look at it. Which might explain something.

All that said that means that there is only a tiny proportion of out blog readership who use Twitter. Given that I was a major skeptic, who is now largely converted, there seems no good reason for all you readers not to give it at least a trial run. Click the follow button on the left.

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