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We frequently deal with Contract reconciliation issues – usually following an unheralded reduction in SMP. A constant gripe of firms so affected is; “why can’t they just pay us what we bill on a Monthly basis so that we can avoid all this rubbish” – (They do not usually say “rubbish”).

Well now you can opt for precisely that option in what we at JRS are calling “A Victory for Common Sense”.

You can make the jump immediately and the LSC will balance your contract – either way, creditor or debtor – over 6-months. If your credit is less than £20k you might even get a lump sum.

This is the handy work of my former line manager at the LAB, Joe Cowley, who deserves the credit. He is also sufficiently secure not to risk immediate disciplinary action for receiving praise from this site. So praise be.

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  • As with always however with our friends at the LSC all is never as it first seems! This little gem would appear to be a major stumbling block?

    We are a crime provider. Why can we not claim the 7.5% “pull forward” payment under the new arrangements, as we can under the existing protocol? The objective of the new arrangements is to tie payments and claims together more closely. Maintaining a “pull forward” provision conflicts with that, so we have not carried it forward into the new scheme”

  • Didn’t have time to read that yesterday see what you mean.

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