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January Programme

Family firms now have 7-months to pass an SQM Audit. With this in mind we are concentrating our “Passing An SQM Audit” series into the first couple of months of the year. This month we will run sessions 3,4 & 5, as outlined below, all 3 contain guidance, essential in preparation for a forthcoming SQM Delivery Partnership Audit.

January 6th – Session III. Effective SQM Supervision

Pivotal to all SQM requirements is effective Supervision. This is also a central focus of the audit and assessment process. In this session we will refresh your understanding of the Mandatory requirements and provide a series of practical suggestions as to how you might meet these. We will also discuss how best these can be evidenced to an auditor. This is an essential course for all supervisors.

January 13th – Session IV. Business Planning and Financial Management

Throwing you hands in the air and pointing out the impossibility of this task in the current environment, whilst understandable, will not get that box ticked on the audit check list. However reluctantly, you will need to get something down on paper and ideally you should use the process to have a good think about business issues. This course will provide a structure to formalise your thinking and one or two exercises which might just help planning.

January 20th – Session V. The Compliant SQM File

What does a full compliant SQM file look like? This course is designed to remind you – especially if it is some time since you last had someone rooting around in your cabinets. From structure to client care, via mandatory file management requirements and never forgetting costs issues and key dates, this is a refresher for all people working on Legal Aid files.

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