Sneak into my Room 

I did not do a Friday song last week as I was setting up a gig. Here is a belated one I just on the radio by James Levy and the Blood Red Rose.


I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. The audit result we just received is anther handwritten one, again barely legible (Helen is translating for me as we speak). Why is there such a massive discrepancy in how these are dealt with by the LSC? And this is before you even get to the actual […]

The Cutter 

Just to reinforce this message from the LSC the cut rates and standard fees in Family Housing come into force, with a minor exception, on new cases from today.

Stat Charge 

Coincidence is a regular occurrence here. Today’s first one has me reading something about the Statutory Charge Manual in a Linkedin thread and then dealing with a longstanding casework problem with a client. In the former, friend of this site, Ben Reid (I suspect that it is the same one) recounts a conversation with an […]