License Only Bid Round 

We are proposing to provide essentially the same services as last time for those firms seeking some assistance. With the danger of talking ourselves out of a fee however, there is no real reason why any firm should not be able to undertake this themselves especially as, in most cases, it was the single Peer […]

E-Portal Loiterer 

Last week I anticipated that by now I would have been able to read the essential Family License-Only Bid Round information. Well at 13:00s it has still not materialised. I am not sure if this is as a result of this: LSC civil processing systems unavailable today Due to technical issues which arose during the […]

SQM Audits 

Our experience of the new SQM Audit approach is on what I understand is referred to as a “steep learning curve”. We are waiting for a little more information before committing any thoughts, or advice, to paper – real or virtual. What is clear however is that it is going to be a tougher test […]


CDS Costs Refresher This Friday is a “by request” session which will deal with recent changes to the costs situation and areas of current friction. In the first instance we will refresh participants understanding of last Octobers changes/cuts. Following that we will look at those areas where current LSC audit activity is focussed and try […]

On Tour 

I am making an increasingly rare “live appearance” at the Law Society Legal Aid Conference next month. Not something you would want to miss. I have another invite for the month after too. Are retro Legal Aid ranters back in fashion?