Chalk and Cheese 

No not today’s “Sub of the Day” but the difference in experience between the last 2 SQMDP audits. If you would like a bit of a prod in the right direction join our webinar on the 24th February or ring Steve – number on the sidebar.

Mersey Speech 

Sir Bill Callaghan has been speaking to the Liverpool Law Society The bullet points of “Key Issues” towards the end of the piece are interesting. If it is savings you are after, especially in unnecessary administration, then how about; Family Tenders – complete waste of time simply renew the contracts of anyone foolish enough to […]

Salutary Lesson 

Our first “assist” with a Family License Only Contract Bid involved the instructions – “you have everything form the last round having done the appeal, can you do it on the basis of that, please”. Except that is not really possible and the original bid contained a further, potentially fatal error, which would have gone […]