Answers on an Email 

Am a wrong does 2010 Civil Contract, Specification 6.69 not say; “The appeal must be in writing within 28 days” Why then does (make up a name) for the LSC say; “Should you intend to appeal the following documentation must be submitted within 21 days” 1 This is an unbelievably basic mistake. 2 Suggests that […]

We Should Be Told 

Have possibly read the daftest piece of LSC correspondence ever (not going to quote it, confidentiality)*. This lead Dean to opine – “Have they got people on that work experience scheme now?” *It is so daft however that I am also a bit scared that there might be some sort of competition going on to […]

First Light 

A trip into the e-mail immediately brings a successful appeal, a determination which will lead to a Point of Principle application and the FoI request which caused a bit of a stir last week, and that is before a start to the day proper. If you are interested in the FoI outcome ring me later […]