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Yesterday we had our first two “complaints” about the Webinar. The first, a genuine concern, involved our use of conference calls and not “voice-over IP” – i.e. my voice not coming out of the computer but rather a speaker phone. In fact, over the 3-years we have run this service it has been fear, and bad experience, of the voice-over option which has been the most common concern of potential delegates. When we explain the conference call option they sign-up, willingly, often having previously been turned off this media.

At our end it is the very uneven playing field, of solicitor IT, which makes this option a nonstarter – there are many firms out there with PCs without speakers even attached let aloneā€¦..

The other was more a whinge that 3-4pm on a Friday would be a better time. I did have to explain that 5 Live Film reviews by Kermode and Mayo are on at that time, in the background, making this impossible.

We will however look into making both options available when we get 5 minutes to spare – that means not this week, with Helen off.

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