Rhetorical Question

We have had 2 cost appeal results, in 2 days, referred back to a new ICAs following Formal Review representations and/or Points of Principle applications. In both cases the LSC have accepted that the original adjudication was wrongly conducted. Why these results were passed to the firm without, first, this being spotted by the LSC is beyond me.

Surely they have a duty to manage the consistency and quality of this essential function, especially as one of these has a potential and large, 5 figure impact. They must also have a similar duty to provide update and consistency training when scheme rules are constantly changing. Has there been any since say the intro of Family Help?

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  • I was invited to ” consistency training” provided by the people who are being appealed against, ie the LSC at the Newcastle office, they would even have paid my train fare. I am afraid I politely declined! Always used to complain that training for ICO’s should have nothing to do with the LSC!!

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