Many Happy Returns 

Nanci Griffith tonight, Noah and his Whale tomorrow so it was tempting to put up something by either of them. However in a week with a new Weller album… The SP Jury (1 angry man) is out on “Sonik Kicks” – this however is him at his best, live and for 6 Music’s 10th Birthday […]

Damned by Faint Praise 

Earlier in the year our of my webinars was described as “dull but effective” – which we have turned into a marketing strap line. I have only had one piece of feedback on yesterday Law Society Legal Aid Conference contribution; “You were not Sh&^e” Now you cannot fish for compliments like that.

One Rule For Us……(no. 94) 

The recent Family License only procurement round was for firms who made an inadvertent mistake, in the completion of a question, to which the LSC already knew the answer in any event. These original refusals were harsh by any reasonable standard. The salt in the wound was that the process was riddled with mistakes on […]