Family License Only Contracts 

Please note that all necessary verification of this bid has to be completed by 1st April. This includes all supervisor forms etc. There does however seem to be a bit of confusion here, as the notification letter of 6th March contains the following; We confirm that the verification of your bid has been satisfactorily completed […]

Order Book 

As of today we have – 2 CCA appeals to complete, 3 reconciliation matters to resolve, 2 course to write and a long list of as yet unknown phone calls to answer (oh there’s one of those now). I had some good strategic ideas over the weekend but can’t remember them now. This is just […]

Friday’s Webinar 

The Legal Ombudsman has published a damning report on Solicitors, Costs and Customer Care. The theme of his conclusions involves treating “Clients as Customers” and improving service. Whilst this is obviously a serious regulatory matter, especially at audit, does he have a point and are firms losing business by only treating these issues as compliance […]