Audit and Appeal

I have finalised and sent my slide presentation for TLS Legal Aid Conference on Thursday. In the mean time actual audit activity continues to astound. As ever I am reticent to give details which could allow firms, and our involvement with them, to be identified and one set of circumstances are so strange that that would not be difficult.

In better news a 2-year campaign of trench warfare does now appear to have worked for one client with a final agreement that the matters have been resolved and the issues put behind us. It has taken a dogged, steely determination on the firms part to achieve this though and has not been without cost. From my point of view this appeal contained good evidence of the widespread inconsistency of interpretation which would have ruled a few good Points of Principle. This is perhaps why it “settled”. Happy for the client though.

Helen is just starting out this process for someone else – the Forth Road Bridge comes to mind.

Any thoughts on the tone to use on Thursday gratefully received.

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