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Having given everybody a breather, a from the webinar, at the start of the month here are the 3 sessions planned for March.

16th March 2012 Profitable LA

The LASPO inspired cuts in rates and fees requires a retake on the issue of profitability, not just costs. The course aims to consider the harsh realities of the current environment, and to provide some positive an practical approaches fee earners can adopt when considering profits. We will also highlight, from our experience, areas where either costs can be at risk and, even, some claims that firms seem to be not making. We will be covering both Crime and Civil.

23rd March 2012 Legal Aid in a Post LASPO World

Civil and Family will be the harder hit by the reductions in scope proposed in LASPO, which continues its seemingly unstoppable march into the statute books. We will focus in particular on preparing and reshaping family departments for the inevitable impact this will have in just over a years time. Smart firms will be planning for this as early as possible and we hope that this call will help.

30th March 2012 Treating Clients as Customers

The Legal Ombudsman has published a damning report on Solicitors, Costs and Customer Care. The theme of his conclusions involves treating “Clients as Customers” and improving service. Whilst this is obviously a serious regulatory matter, especially at audit, does he have a point and are firms losing business by only treating these issues as compliance issuess? This course will examine attitudes to customer care and provide some simple methods for improving performance.

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