I am surrounded by paper – all of which relates to audit decisions we are asked to challenge – so a pretty usual Monday then. One of these though is the first really daft finding of an SQMDP auditor, rather than one we think is a bit harsh or is a misinterpretation of the standard. […]

Webinars in May 

For a number of reasons we only have 2 available Fridays for webinars in May – her is how we propose to use them. 4th May Surviving an SC Audit Simon spoke at the recent Law Society Legal Aid Conference on this topic. This session is an expanded version of his contribution explaining all possible […]

There You Go 

Further to earlier. Just had lovely conversation with a very understanding and helpful man at the LSC.


I do, occasionally, get criticised for this being something of a “protest” site. By way of a defence I do, always, comment on positive experiences in the day-to-day interaction with the powers that be. The problem is twofold however; I cannot help myself and the volume of negative experience is too significant. We could ignore […]

Leave Your Body Behind You 

As you know I really do not like putting up these static videos buy this is just so good and I cannot wait for the album release on 7th May. What does the bass playing remind me of? This is neither a new nor different direction for Richard Hawley more a return, as I’ve heard […]

Yes We do Lexcel II 

Rather that write a comment a client has responded directly to our “Yes we do Lexcel” post last week. we don’t normally put client testimonials on things but well this was just so nice not least give the actual age of the “lads”; “Just  to  re iterate  your   statement  on  JRS do  Lexcel  advice, we  […]

To Look Forward to 

There are 2 items of CDS news. Firstly you will have to destroy all V.8 CDS 14 & 15s on May 6th – new V.9s become mandatory the following day. Oh – no there are not 2 items. In the time spent composing this post the other item, a promise of early payment in June, […]

Question Time 

I have just got round to the job I was hoping to start yesterday lunchtime. It is a mammoth of an audit “appeal”, the inverted commas are used as the procedure for this seems hopelessly confused to me. It is consequently one of those “where do I start” type of jobs, however 2 questions come […]

The Webinar is Back 

Friday 27th April Spring Clean Session It is a while since we did one of our “magazine” style round-ups of all the recent issues and changes of which you should be aware. These, unashamedly, eclectic mixes of LSC announcements, news and JRS day-to-day experience have become a popular method of keeping up to date with […]

Transfer Window 

The next round are to be published in June to commence in July. That means you have to make any arrivals or departures by 14th May. More info here