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I am working on the largest file in a CCA sample. Costs are reduced in the sum of £,1400, roughly equivalent to 50% on the file. More importantly however is the effect that reduction has on the overall audit and especially the proposed “extrapolation”. The proposed assessment increases the audit percentage by about 10% which intern raises the proposed extrapolation by just shy of £20k.

The reason for this significant, alleged “over claim”. The auditor involved only assessed “Correspondence 1 of 2” and failed to assess the easily identifiable bundle “Correspondence 2 of 2”. The last item on 1 of 2 was even a phone call to the LSC confirming an extension to the UFL for the continuing work on the case.

This was one of those audit results which came with the “offer” of 5% reduction to the extrapolation for forgoing appeal rights. I am sure the LSC top brass think we give them an unfair time here.

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