Demob Happy

Started on what was likely to be a long rant about the appeal we have just completed but just cannot be bothered. It will change nothing, will not affect my mood and will waste time.

The redux:

This was exactly the type of audit you would put your A team on, instead we got the equivalent of the U-15s. Management and not auditor to blame – at least for not proof reading it before it went out.

The questions:

Will our clients CC the Chief Exec in as they certainly should?

Would I train the LSC assessors, given a “neutral” interpretation of contract?

Is the weather going to be nice for Easter?

Good heavens another, unexpected appeal has just arrived out of the blue.


First file out of the new box has been nil assessed but for all the wrong reasons. I guess they do not know this and so we will will attack what is consequently a fairly weak “knitted together” justification.

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