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We have a client firm facing a Lexcel audit today on which, should they be successful, they hope to rely for Contractual purposes. Dean and I had a conversation about the situation in which I expressed doubts that the LSC would readily agree – not least as the firm “ticked” the SQM option during the last bid round. My understanding is born out of practical experience.

In the world of JRS coincidence confirmation comes via Crimeline where, friend of this site, Andrew Keogh was also wrestling with the same issue yesterday. He chanced upon this explanation.

To me this seems complete nonsense – either you relinquish your QA auditing role and rely on third party accreditation or you don’t. Either Lexcel is an equivalent standard to SQM or it isn’t? (and yes, of course, it is). Is this ridiculous half way house purely down to commercial arrangements with the SQMDP? One imagines that the latter are now wishing they had never won that tender.

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