On Prior Authority

This is a must read case for care lawyers.

This para stood out.

As the point seemed to me an important one, I offered, through my clerk. to allow the LSC to be represented at the hearing. I was, accordingly, considerably surprised on 9 May that not only was the LSC not represented, but that no representative of the LSC was present. Instead, I received a letter from the LSC offering to deal with the matter by a telephone call with myself. This was manifestly unsatisfactory, and I copied the letter to myself for the parties to read. Eventually, and following a telephone call from the guardian’s counsel, a representative of the LSC appeared (the author of the letter to me) and informed me that the LSC received so many requests to attend court and explain themselves that, in effect, a policy decision had been taken not to attend court when asked. After some prompting from myself, the representative apologised for his non-attendance.



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  • As the Court has surrendered to the LSC, does this make you a guerilla force now. (Che Pottinger, maybe you should rename the blogg the “motorcycle diaries”)

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