This seems appropriate given the weather inflicted on the North East this week. I am a couple of months behind the wave on this and am going to buy the album next time I get to a record store.


So far today all the work I have done has been pro bono – or “marketing” as I tell Andy. Better get a move on and finish the Webinar course notes for Friday*. When I move onto the (paying) job after that I would very much like to hear from you about Interpreter charges, especially […]

On Enhancement 

We have a bevy of unusual appeals in this morning, mainly a bit too specific to discuss here. 2 of them have a wider interest element. The 3rd is another CDS enhancement argument. It is a bit of a mess as we are at the PoP stage and the firms representations, the LSC’s assessment and […]

Equality & Diversity on the Friday Webinar 

It is an SQM, and Lexcel, requirement that all staff receive some training in your mandatory Equality and Diversity* Policy. This course is aimed either to fulfil that requirement or, alternatively, to provide an outline for an in-house course of your own. The course is a basic introduction to Equality and Diversity in the workplace […]

Lacking a LAC1? 

The LSC have produced further guidance on the use of the LAC1 form which is worth a quick read. We know that this is required on “directed” cases and this is helpful: If the LAC1 form was not obtained at the Committal for Trial hearing, an uncertified copy of the memorandum of conviction can be […]

Back it Up 

To almost universal surprise, I went to see Bruce Springsteen yesterday thanks to Tim at No.6. I really enjoyed it despite him being slightly off my musical radar. As the commentary on this clip states Nils Lorgren has been a member of the E Street Band for over 25 years and I have been a […]

Fina Score – Nearly 

It has been another successful week on the SQM audit front. All wins with one late kick off outstanding, (result later). Well done one and all.

Dog and Bone 

“We have today reinstated the JRS Free Advice line and hope to answer your queries within the published timescales”.* Although the LSC are reinstating their phone lines you are strongly discouraged to call them. The call must be urgent which essentially means the issue should be outside the target times contained in the tables on […]

An Appeal re. An Appeal 

Do you regularly use interpreters? if so we would be VERY grateful if you could take 5 minutes to confirm the following; Hourly rate charged (including any minimum period of time) Traveling rate and mileage charge (confirming if this is from the agency or the interpreters address) As you can well imagine this might well […]

Same Old 

With the PQQ dust beginning to settle we are back to mainstream work – SQM audits, Lexcel, Contract Compliance and the range of other appeals we get dragged into. We are also kickstarting the Friday Webinar again this week (see below). So for me that’s head out of the E-portal and back into nil-assessed files.