Last night we did, as anticipated, receive our first, and hopefully last, call from a firm who missed the PQQ deadline. This despite the concern, almost constantly expressed here and on Twitter, during the bid round.

It is easy now, and of no comfort, to say that this was entirely avoidable simply by signing up to our FREE news and alerts service in the sidebar. Yes you will get a Webinar advert, which you don’t even have to open, once a week however we identify any “News” or “Deadline” alert as such so you can sift out vital updates from our marketing. Twitter is even more immediate – but yes you do have to put up with the other gibberish we too easily get embroiled in on there.

I never want to have to have another one of those calls so please use this facility – signing up will take less than 2 minutes.

N.B.The software we use is from the US and you have to use their about-face mm/dd/yy format in the date field.

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