Should we make a justified complaint about inappropriate comments and/or behaviour of auditors? If we don’t they get away with it and carry on in the same vein. However even going in that direction could well create a “vendetta”, against us, which might well prejudice other clients. I am sure there are those who aware […]

My True Country 

I put the title track from Paul Buchannan’s “Mid Air” on here back in May (I think the official video of that track will follow on from the clip below). To my great surprise it entered the album chart at 14, where it peaked. This might suggest that it is perhaps not as an acquired […]

On Urgency 

We never ring the inappropriately named LSC Civil Helpline. (Unfortunately we are now unable to ring the genuinely knowledgable and helpful individuals who still work there). Once again today they are trying to deter you from calling by way of a news item on the Website. We have drawn peoples attention to this previously. Might […]