Lies, Damned Lies and… 

Once upon a time the number of “acts of legal advice and assistance” was, wrongly, THE barometer of the success of the Community Legal Service. Nowadays this is not so, hence the lack of any significant reaction to the statistics analysed in this interesting article in TLS Gazette. This headline index, along with the number […]

Micro(scopic) Management 

I have just looked at a list of about a dozen Crime claims that the LSC want “data verifying”. They date back as far as 2007. Of these, 3 look to involve incorrect claim code to standard fee combinations. So arguably 3, erroneous claims, out of many thousands, spotted by this very high resolution microscope. […]

In 10 

A belated Friday song. Last year when Grovestock didn’t get rained off Gallery Circus closed up. They left these shores a few days later to make their fortune in the States. Here is their latest effort which I think is excellent and is out on 3rd September.

Next Webinar 

This Friday we are tackling the topic: Preparing for the Post LASPO World The recently tendered 2013 Contracts will see the most significant retraction of to scope of Legal Aid ever. This creates and enormous threat and a challenge for traditional Legal Aid practitioners. This course is aimed at providing some markers as to the […]