Immovable Objects

I have spent the morning dealing with 2 seemingly intractable problems; the first is the wreckage of a failure to submit a PQQ and the other an incomprehensible proposed recoupment.

On the former I reread the case of Azam & Co, this is the conclusion from the High Court Judgment – the firm failed at the Court of Appeal.

“I am compelled to dismiss its claim, but not without considerable sympathy for Mr Azam and his staff. The firm faces the loss of the bulk of its work not as the result of any failure carefully and diligently to protect the interests of its clients, but because of a failure to take proper care in the furtherance and protection of its own interests. It is unfortunately inherent in the principles of EC law sought to be enforced in this case that those principles assist those who act with reasonable care and diligence about their own business affairs, and not otherwise”

On the latter I might have to speak to the LSC which is going to be a nightmare.

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