On Urgency

We never ring the inappropriately named LSC Civil Helpline. (Unfortunately we are now unable to ring the genuinely knowledgable and helpful individuals who still work there). Once again today they are trying to deter you from calling by way of a news item on the Website. We have drawn peoples attention to this previously.

Might we make a couple of constructive observations here?

If you wish people to wait for the expiry of “published targets” why not repeat these in today’s missive or at least provide a link? Not that hard is it? *

As, I think, the only person who has written and delivered a 3-hour Devolved Powers course I can assure you that the guidance is far from “easy to look up”. Also it would greatly help if the LSC then followed this guidance when assessing substantive applications. People ring you, LSC, because they hold reasonably founded insecurity about their cases and costs, due to past experience of poor and inconsistent decision making later in the process. Be proactive rewrite the Guidance on Devolved Powers Manual or at least do a “fact sheet”.

PS Is it just me or why is anyone surprised that an increase in “helpline” opening times results in an increase in calls?

*Complaints target is interesting.

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