Webinars in July

Late we know but here are the 3 planned for July

6th July Live Issues in Civil Cost Assessment

Some people are onto their third round of battling with the LSC over civil claims – especially Legal and Family Help (lower). There seems no sign of this abating and Contract Compliance Audits, Contract Manager visits and routine assessment activities are eve-present and fractious. This session will deal with the most common live issues in this area of friction with the LSC, focussing on the most recent adjudications and interpretations of Contract. This will assist those currently involved in appeals or help you get your arguments prepared in advance.

20th July Increase Your Criminal Bills

A recent in-house costs course lifted the scales from the eyes of one CDS team. Since then, with a bit of encouragement, they have taken a more focussed and systematic approach with regard to enhancements on CDS 7 bills. This week they achieved an enhancement of £3,000 without the need for an appeal. This session is simply that element of the longer course plus some other ideas on getting more out of your Magistrates Court standard fee claims.

27th July Preparing for the Post LASPO World

The recently tendered 2013 Contracts will see the most significant retraction of to scope of Legal Aid ever. This creates and enormous threat and a challenge for traditional Legal Aid practitioners. This course is aimed at providing some markers as to the type of preparation such firms can be making in the short time available. A must for publicly funded family firms.


It is not that we are suspicious about Friday the 13th – its just that it is “Grovestock Eve” this year, the set-up-day for our Middlesbrough based live music event taking place, weather permitting, on the Saturday. Everybody welcome – ring Simon for details.

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