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I have been very involved in costs matters of late, hence tomorrows webinar. Helen and I have just spent a highly depressing hour picking apart (unnecessarily) complicated claim forms.I have assumed an LSC personality; I am treating even the slightest, immaterial mistake as a capital offence and acting as though the bills were being paid out of my very own back pocket. I am being shunned by everyone else in the office. Seriously however it does demonstrate some serious gaps in, and potential conflicts within, current written guidance. (More later)

The only positive note was a FAS claim which generated a truly sensational, notional hourly rate in excess of £2,000. This was averaged out by the one before being a paltry 80 odd quid.

If you can’t, or do not want to, do the webinar tomorrow we should have a helpful check list and an new form to assist in avoiding rejections available next week.

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