Verging on Hysteria

The “self-verification” work we are currently engaged in at JRS HQ is of biblical proportions. (“Self-verification” has become short hand amongst our retained clients for “send those off to JRS to sort”)

It is a complete and utter nightmare – applying 2012 “zero tolerance” interpretations to 5 year old files – especially when you are sure that if the LSC reassessed them today the outcome would be “NIL”. Beyond that any questioning of the original claim requires a comprehensive re-recoding the submissions. When this is because the allowable code combination s have been retrospectively changed by the LSC this is even worse. As the headline suggests we are at the edge of reason.

One unfortunate client has 5 separate batches of files for us to deal with. We have differentiated two of these by the name of the Contract Manager involved and I have the first report on these in front of me now. On the above naming protocol It has been called the “Bloggs Bunch”. I will now, never be able to think of the CM involved without her face appearing in the top middle box of this .

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