“Zero Tolerance” Watch

We have been using this term to describe the Commission’s current attitude, especially on means assessments conducted by firms (LH and CDS 1&2).

If you are not familiar with it Civil Contract Part E 12.2.4 it allows you to ring the Benefits Authorities to confirm that the client is on a passport benefit. You are required to make a note of the conversation.

Just spoken to a client who has been told that his note, confirming receipt of a passport benefit and the name of the civil servant spoken to, is insufficient. So someone at the LSC has decided, effectively, to call a long admitted Solicitor of the Supreme Court a liar and, again effectively, to be engaged in an act of fraud.

(Oh I know that all they are saying is “you’ve not write enough down” however that is not how it comes across or is experienced by the conducting solicitor)

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