This is a Major Change

The second bullet point at 5.2 of the ITT Information for Applicants has been bothering us. Have a read of this from the new Contract Specification:

2.10 In order to receive or maintain a Schedule Authorisation in any Category you must (unless Category Specific Rules specify otherwise):

(a) have at least one full time equivalent Supervisor in that Category. For the purpose of this Paragraph 2.10 “full time equivalent” means the equivalent of one individual working 5 days a week and 7 hours on each such day (excluding breaks); and

(b) such person (or such each persons) must be either a sole principal, one of your employees or a director of or partner in or member of your organisation (where you are a company, partnership (other than an LLP) or LLP respectively) and must at all times during their working hours (except as required for the proper performance of their role (such as attending court and/or Clients)) work from one of or any combination of your Offices.
Subject to Paragraphs 2.23 to 2.24, if you cease to meet the requirements of this Paragraph 2.10 your right to undertake work in the relevant Category will cease. Any breach of this Paragraph 2.10 shall be a Fundamental Breach.


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