Bearer of Good Tidings

The large majority of my contact with the profession involves depressing discussions, containing negative advice with unhappy, and often angry, providers. So yesterdays bolt-from-the-blue decision by the LSC to reopen the latest Civil PQQ was not only a blessing in itself, it gave me the opportunity to make a number of calls to subsequently delighted clients. (It also removes the thorny problem of considering alternative strategies).

There has been some speculation on the reason for this to which we have contributed the thought “path of least resistance”; allowing a small number of missed/failed applicants a second chance in a non-competitive bid round is not going have much effect. It is surely better than, perhaps, losing a JR on the point.

For sure we don’t ascribe positive motives for the decision not least as it came on a day in which we witnessed another of those harsh, and seemingly vindictive, decisions which confirms the LSC has an institutional heart of stone, or worse. (I know it pays the rent but how do you good guys continue to work there?)

Needless to say the day soon returned to normal, up to and including my last advice call of the day at 20:35.

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