Sign of the Times

Occasionally I have a reflect upon what has changed in the world of JRS. Once in a while someone else in the team comes up with an interesting observation which likewise nails an alteration to our working practices. Rarely do friends and family comment because Legal Aid consultancy is not that interesting. (Although I often insist on my half hour of work related conversation when bored to tears by “education” and teachers).

On Friday however I got into the pub late cursing a rush of late queries and enquiries. The phone then proceeded to ring on and off for over an hour, drawing comment from 2 mates. Now once upon a time we used to characterise Friday afternoons as “Post 3pm Billing Enquiry Day”. This has steadily moved later in the day, presumably in response to you guys working harder and later. Frankly this is pretty common most days now and it does not seem likely to get any easier either.

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