Close of Year Webinars

We like to offer discount to those who purchase a full month of Webinars, however a variety of commitments mean we have only 4 Fridays available to us this year. We are therefore running two calendar months together for those seeking even greater value CPD than this service already offers.

9th November

Maximising Magistrates Court Bills

We ran this in the Summer and have been asked to do it again. We will be covering all key CDS billing rules for Proceedings Class claims with a focus on improving profitability on Standard Fees and dealing with the issue of Enhancements on Non-Standard Fees. In both these areas there is still scope, with some intelligent billing, for you to increase costs and profitability. This course is intended to assist you so to do.

30th November

Preparing for 2013 Civil Contracts

Have your Civil teams begun to make such preparations? Have they even started the conversation? If not this will be a useful kick start.

Post April 2013 the scope of the Legal Aid scheme dramatically narrows, we will be dealing with the finer details of the new rules and regs in the New Year. By contrast this session is designed to assist existing departments proactively manage their existing caseloads, and look at how best to protect their clients interests, up to that date. We will also discuss approaches to post LASPO casework in excluded areas.

7th December

Evidence of Means

Proof of Means to file, or rather lack of it, is the number 1 reason for LSC audit failure. Whilst we have covered it frequently we have, to date, never run a course dedicated to this subject alone. Our aim therefore is to provide a comprehensive exposition of the rules and guidance on this thorny subject. Perhaps more importantly however we will take you in detail through our extensive experience of the Commissions interpretation of this guidance and help you avoid the pitfalls this can present.

14th December

JRS Big Fat Quiz of The Year

Sadly neither a one off celebrity special nor one involving a guest presenter by the name of Carr. Instead we will run you through the 10 most frequently asked questions received by the JRS Freephone service, plus any submitted to us in advance. It is a bit more like “Everything you wanted to know about Legal Aid but were too afraid to ask”, (or the LSC Advice line was not available). We will be throwing in a fun quiz with a bottle of fizz for the winning firm too.

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