Short Term Forecast

We often describe ourselves as being a pretty good weather vane of changes to the airs in the Legal Aid scheme. So when we get a couple of similar questions or issues over a short period of time, more often than not this is going to be a more widespread issue.

In the last 2 days we have had the following worthy of comment.

There seems to be another recoupment of Crown Court “overpayments” going on. So there will be another batch of Cost Judge appeals to follow. (Which might explain this ). I wrote 2 appeals yesterday and the issue of the conflicting definitions of “retrial” featured prominently.

We have also had a batch of merits rejections of Family Certificate applications. We guess that this too is conscious, and in preparation for an anticipated spike in applications after the New Year. It is also an issue we will be discussing in Friday’s webinar.

Wrap up warm.

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